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  • Nigel Hargreaves

System interoperability

Interoperability of electricity systems is based on interconnecting standards. For electricity networks a key concern is how to identify and operate a diverse range of assets within systems responsible for energy management, asset maintenance and market management. Legacy controls often involve data silos that are not interoperable with others. Enabling data sharing between these systems offers a rich, information based situational awareness. The common information model (CIM), is one internationally recognised solution comprised of IEC 61970 and associated standards. It was created to share data models of the physical and operational reality of electricity transmission systems and helped paved the way for smart electricity grids. In using the CIM, the 'communicated model' codifies the physical reality of the transformer and is symbolically abstracted by the corresponding wiring diagram. See above paper for further information.

Reference and representation of reality
Application of the 'meaning triangle' (Ogden & Richards, 1923) to a common information model (cim) representing a wiring diagram that stands for a power transformer.

The papers listed below describe a range of challenges and solutions to developing common information standards applicable to modern electricity systems. They are arranged in descending chronological order:

Developing emerging standards for power system data exchange to enable interoperable and scalable operational modelling and analysis

Smart grid interoperability use cases for extending electricity storage modelling within the IEC common information model

A critical comparison of approaches to resource name management within the IEC common information model

Information standards to support application and enterprise interoperability for the smart grid

Foundations of a meta model repository for use with the IEC common information model

Novel processes for smart grid information exchange and knowledge representation using the IEC common information model


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